Emerging from Hibernation #HHRAMBASSADOR

Spring has finally sprung in Kansas City! Late last week the polar vortex finally receded and our extended February finally gave way to some warm temps and the barest emergence of green. I know, it’s not really Spring yet, but it finally doesn’t feel quite so much like winter.

It was a tough winter for me. A fall on the ice last year meant I was a lot more careful about what conditions I would run outside in this year. I cobbled together a variety of treadmill and 1/10 mile indoor track sessions to make it through, along with as much running outdoors as possible. Don’t get me wrong. I was out there – I’d much rather run in the cold than on the hamster wheel.

If you’re thinking about the Hospital Hill Run in June, what better time to get into a training plan (they have 6 different plans, something for everyone) and get out there for some beautiful spring running! In fact, come join us for a training kickoff fun run tonight – check out their Facebook page.

This post doesn’t have a lot of substance, but I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. My blog “drafts” folder has several unfinished posts including one on running in the dark (I got discouraged after a great article by RW’s Mark Parent totally stole my thunder, substantively and thematically. We were definitely thinking along the same lines). Spring has rejuvenated me – more to come soon!