2017 (miles, that is); a review of my 2017 running-related goals

In a post earlier this year, I set some goals for 2017. Did you? With the hours ticking away to 2018, it’s accountability time. Let’s see how we did!

Stay healthy – run without injury. A+

  • I didn’t miss any time due to injury this year!

Run 2017 miles for the year. A+ 

  • But it’s like that class where you pull it off right at the last minute. I had to run 10 miles today to get it, but….

Purge refined sugar from my everyday diet. C-

  • This requires a much longer post. I did, then I didn’t. Then I did again (at least for the last 10 days).

PR at the Boston Marathon. F

  • You either get this one or you don’t I didn’t. See this post.

Share my love of running with others. B

  • I know I touched a few people this year. I can do more. It’s a great addition to life!

Run an ultramarathon in the fall (Arkansas Traveler 100). D-

  • These goals are all exactly as I wrote them in March. Apparently my subconscious lawyer let me off the hook a smidge with this. Next year I will write FINISH an ultramarathon as my goal.

Balance running with life. B

  • There have been some times when I have been selfish about running. I wish it detracted zero minutes from family time, but that will never be the case. I know my family would prefer me with it, than without it. I’ll get it right someday.

This is just a quick update, but I’ll be writing more about goal-setting, accountability, and self-evaluation coming soon. Happy New Year!

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