Hospital Hill Run Blogging Team!

2013 Hospital Hill Run Logo Final

Thanks to Beth Salinger and the HHR team for picking my blog as one of 14 that you’ll see on their web site leading up to the race! I’ll be focusing on the kinds of things I’ve already been blogging about (coincidence?) like:

How you fit your training into your already packed schedules?
What do you do when you have an off day?
What are you eating while training?
Do you train with a group, friends on your own?
Some of your challenges you are experiencing while training.
Some milestones you hit while training.
Do you cross train?  Is Hospital Hill Run part of a bigger training plan?

If you’re following, I promise to place my minimally-shod spin on these issues, along with my usual attempts at humor, irony, and sometimes unintentionally; Alanis Morisette-irony.

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