Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon – coping with success?

It’s taken me some time to cope with this run (June 1st) so I’m just now getting to blogging about it.

I had set a lofty goal of breaking 1:30. I ran a 1:31:28 – a PR by roughly 6 minutes for me. On the other hand, measuring it against my two other half marathons, that’s not saying much. One was my first endurance race, the second was with an abbreviated training schedule after coming off of a layoff.

True confessions – I was really hoping I could breeze to a sub 1:30, which would give me some confidence for a sub 3:00 marathon. (The ULTIMATE goal in my sights right now). I still think that’s doable on a flat course in good weather conditions.

So, I’m a bit disappointed. I feel like I had a sub-1:30 in me, but just didn’t push hard enough. The main lesson I learned from this race is “run your own race.” I had hoped to lock in with the 1:30 pace group and coast to victory. In retrospect, they went out slower than I would have, and tried to make up a 1 minute deficit too quickly. I clocked a bunch of miles in the middle of this race that were well under my goal pace – and one of them was while I was getting left behind by the pacer. However, I’m not passing the buck. I’ll just be wiser next time. I have run some good races with and without pacers – but I have never crossed the finish line with one. I have found them most helpful in dragging me out to a faster pace than I might go out at, then hanging on (I know, this is not exactly the “preferred” negative split strategy).

The rest of the rundown, for personal posterity:

Overall place: 144 out of 4279
Age grade: 67.84% (I’m sniffing Regional Class at 70% but still in Local Class at 60-69%)
Pace: 6:59 (Goal pace was 6:51)
Age group place (M40-44):14 out of 284

I ran in the Asics Piranhas. More blistering than the recent Garmin marathon, but on a hillier course. Nothing major. However, I think I’ll need an alternative for the KC Marathon in October.

Props to Nelson for running his own race, and getting his sub-1:30!

One comment on “Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon – coping with success?

  1. neltow says:

    Thanks for the shout out! 1:30 in the half was THE goal for me… A lot of things clicked. I’m not even contemplating a 3:00 marathon this year or in many years to come.

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