Let the training begin! Topping 300 miles in the @mizunorunning Wave Evo Cursoris

Just noticed that the Cursoris – my go-to training shoe right now – went over 300 miles on the odometer this week. Love this shoe. It’s holding up well with no signs of imminent failure.

I started a new training program Sunday – albeit with a recovery run. 4 months to October 19th, 18 week program. I hit the elliptical Monday and Tuesday so I could do a tempo run with Nelson this am. We did 5 miles at pace (ok, I did 4.5, but there was a good reason which I am not going to describe…). Plus a 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile cool-down. Also a 2 mile round trip bike ride to our meet-up on the trail. I’ve decided I’m going to motivate myself for the KC Marathon by doing a running tally of goal pace miles. My goal pace is 6:51. I’m going to count any full mile that’s sub-7 minutes as a GP mile. So, I logged 4 of those today. Now if I can just string together 26.2 of those, I’ll break 3 hours. Easy, right?

Here’s a few shots of the soles:




7 comments on “Let the training begin! Topping 300 miles in the @mizunorunning Wave Evo Cursoris

  1. bryanew710 says:

    I’m curious…what do they look like after 300mi? Mine would be beat to death, worn completely smooth in the middle of the forefoot. Heck, they’d look like that at 200mi…

  2. bryanew710 says:

    I’m curious how worn they look at 300mi. Mine would be worn flat and smooth in the center of the forefoot–probably at 200mi.

  3. Tad says:

    They’re in pretty good shape. I’ll edit the post and add some pics. The orange pods on either side of the “Wave Plate” seem to be getting the worst of it. That orange material is cushier but less stout than the black material. It’s kind of wearing and flattening at the same time – I keep thinking the edge is going to flake off, but it has been holding on for a while now. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t give me another couple hundred miles. There’s no ripping or loosening anywhere on the upper I can see.

  4. neltow says:

    Different people are (of course) going to “wear” shoes differently. I used to worry that my shoes were used up because, as I switched to a forefoot strike, I started wearing the outer edges off really early. I read in Noakes (basically) not to worry! When you wear down a shoe in a spot, it actually helps your foot strike the ground in a more natural way (for you). Right now, I’m not so concerned about my wear pattern, although I’m starting to think a couple pairs need to be retired and replaced.

    • bryanew710 says:

      I should take a shot of my current shoes. I’ve started wearing the outer forefoot, too as I changed my form.

  5. Tad says:

    Update – I usually run in the early morning when it’s cool, but on the #OneRunforBoston run we ran 11 miles from 10 or so to about noon. Temps were upper 80s to low 90s, plus several miles were on new blacktop (hot!). I could see the difference in wear just after that short period. Moral of the story: if you want your shoes to last longer, don’t run in the heat!

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