Who Fartleked?

I did! This morning! Ten times! The training program I am on right now uses “strides” aka fartleks as a primary speed component. Generally speaking there are no track-based speed workouts in the Advanced Marathoning plan. Rather, strides and longer speedwork (e.g. 800 and up) are incorporated into medium and even recovery runs.

In the “laughing at myself” category, I knew I wasn’t going to measure the 100m strides on my Garmin, so I decided to count off 10 seconds by one-one-thousand etc. After completing the first stride, I sheepishly realized that I wasn’t Usain Bolt on an off day, and did the next 9 for 15s instead. Probably a little more realistic.

77 degrees as I headed out the door this morning at 5:30. At least I’m not doing it now – as I write it’s 98 with a heat index of 106.

Saw and was greeted by Nelson headed the other way on his bike – with a brand-spanking new helmet! Your noggin is an important commodity. You can’t be protecting it with a helmet you bought 20 years ago – a fact I realized last year myself. Spreadin’ the word.

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