#ketones – kinda like diesel

I am nearly a month into my ketogenic diet experiment. There have been some highs and lows. Most recently on Monday – an “off” day – I felt some big-time malaise. Really low energy. However, on Tuesday after going to the gym in the am with the RHSW, I felt really good. Another good day today after 8+ miles in the am.

On my run this morning, I came up with the analogy of how burning ketones in your body is kinda like burning diesel in a car. If you’ve ever driven a diesel, or even just read about them, you know that they don’t accelerate quite as fast as a gasoline-powered car. However, once they get up to speed, they can go much farther than a gas car.

Ketosis feels like this. I’ve never been a morning person, but it seems to make things a bit more draggy in the morning. However, if I take off on a run or work out, that seems to trigger enough ketone production that I coast the rest of the day with a pretty good energy level. I suppose a diet that encourages you to be active every day isn’t a bad thing!

I’m still committed to sticking this out through the KC Marathon to see what performance benefits/detriments it holds after having acclimated (which probably wasn’t fully accomplished for HOA). On the bright side, if it’s a bust, then donuts.

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