Skora FIT – first look @skoraRunning

The new Skora FIT arrived on my doorstep recently and after a few runs in them I just had to share my enthusiasm for this shoe before posting a full review later.

Since discovering Skoras in the second half of 2013, I’ve been fortunate to run in nearly every model they offer. I feel a bit like a dog when I talk about their shoes – “ooh, CORE! My favorite! – ooh! FORM! My favorite!…” Well, the first 50+ miles in the FIT have me reaching for a more superlatives. The FIT borrows some of my favorite things from their other models – the “last” (platform, sole, pick your term) is like BASE and FORM. The asymmetric lacing is present as well. The two game-changers in the FIT are 1) more cushioning (although you’re not going to mistake them for HOKAs); and 2) a wonderful light, stretchy upper.

Just lacing these shoes up is a joy. The combination of the stretchy upper and the asymmetric lacing makes it super easy to get a “Goldilocks” fit. If you’ve ever taken off on a run and felt like you laced up too tight or too loose, you know what I’m talking about. That is not going to happen with the FIT.

CAM00041 CAM00042 CAM00044-1

Also, the reverse dimpling in the removable insole is a little more pronounced than other models – I like it – it’s stimulating in a good way when you put the shoe on but not at all intrusive.

It was just a perfect day today – 70s when I got home from work, so I stretched and headed out for 8 miles. I don’t stretch much – just active stretching – a few squats…

CAM00071 CAM00070 CAM00069

a few lunges…

CAM00068 CAM00067 CAM00066 CAM00061 CAM00060

oh, and you can’t forget the “useless shoulder stretch before running:” for KK 🙂


I might not be doing that right, but does it matter?

Before I could take off, a friend wanted to say “take me with you!” I had to substitute a treat. I keep my “me” runs and “Ellie” runs separate. Messes with my gait too much.

CAM00072 CAM00076 CAM00075

Ooh, FIT, my favorite!

The FIT has been a boon to some indoor speedwork I’ve done recently. The constant curves on an 1/8 mile indoor track can lead to friction, but I had zero problems in the FIT in a great 6×300 8 mile session. They felt great – heels locked in, room in the toebox but not slippy. I’ve had them out on 17 and a 20 mile long runs on pavement the last two Saturdays and they’ve pretty much convinced me they’re going to be my Boston Marathon shoe. Just a perfect balance of cushioning and weight.

Check out the FIT:

6 comments on “Skora FIT – first look @skoraRunning

  1. kylejkranz says:

    Hope that useless shoulder stretch is working out well for you 😉

  2. bryanew710 says:

    How do they fit compared to the Phase?

    • Tad says:

      That’s a tough question. I am going to go from memory, then actually try both on when I get home tonight and post a follow-up. My perception is that the FIT’s fit is more snug than the PHASE, but I think the FIT’s upper gives it a broader range of “just right.” I am willing to go to a different size shoe than what I measure at if it’s necessary. However, my foot must be right in the middle of Skora’s sizing, because I have always found them true to size at my 11.5, with slight variations between models. I seem to recall you thought you were a tweener on PHASE – one size too big, one too small. I would add a half size to the PHASE size you thought was too small.

      • bryanew710 says:

        Sounds good. I might have to give these a shot. Every review I’ve seen so far is off the charts awesome.

  3. Tad says:

    Here’s the promised follow-up. I tried on the FIT and PHASE this am one right after the other. I perceive PHASE as having a little more volume in the toe box – I can wiggle my toes more freely. FIT may lock down the heel just a wee bit more. I want to stress that these are fine distinctions – IMO not on the order of 1/2-size differences between the two. If you try FIT, I hope you like at as much as I do. I recall you are a no-sock guy. I am going to give that a try with FIT and write that into my longer review. I have been reevaluating my thoughts about socks lately. I’ve concluded that the toe socks I wear occasionally inhibit toe splay rather than encourage it, since my toes are longer than average. The socks fit like a glove a size too small – my toes don’t go all the way in. However, most of the time I wear some sort of traditional ultralight sock.

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