Newtonian Physics

Two runs in the new MV2s over the weekend. Don’t think that these will be my new favorite shoes. A short run (perhaps overlaced) at a slow pace produced numbness – an unusual phenomenon for me. A longer run with looser lacing still produced some numbness. Fit seems fine – even respected the crazy upsizing (whole size up).

These will probably be relegated to the occasional change of pace on a short run end of the closet.

Meanwhile the New Balance MR00’s remain the reigning favorite.

3 comments on “Newtonian Physics

  1. It seems you haven’t had much luck with shoes of late. Tim Noakes in Lore of Running talks about shoes being one of the key parameters you can alter if you’re having injury troubles. They are the clutch between your body and the road. And that makes clothes the clutch between the environment and your body. I’ve decided to put a few more miles on a few pairs of shoes. I woe my old Motos in the rain last weekend. They worked fine. I actually really like them. Some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve had. I feel lucky that I managed to pick up a second pair on sale. Of course, now, both of them are nearing the end of their useful mileage span.

  2. Tad says:

    Nothing wrong with old shoes! Christopher McDougall would tell you to throw out your new shoes and run in your old shoes. I am going to focus on wide toe boxes in future purchases. I think the MV2s are too narrow at the front. They claim to be roomier up there than my MR00s, but I disagree.

  3. Yeah. The story about the guy who started wearing his shoes on the opposite feet inspired me. I keep looking at the worn spot on the outside of my shoes and wondering if I can glue some rubber onto them and save the wear on the foam padding. I really can’t tell when my shoes are “starting to go.” I’m keeping track of mileage on my latest pairs, and as I head toward 400 miles I’m thinking… I might be able to get anther 400 out of these babies!

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