4 comments on “How Tough Is Your Marathon?

  1. Kewl Post… no time to read it now. Did Machu Pichu make it? I’ve been quite interested in running that one since I saw it in Runner’s World and recetnly watched a NOVA about it. Too cool. One theory is one of the most powerful Inca rulers built it as a getaway, strategically centered between the 4 major mountains (in the 4 cardinal directions from the site), which were homes to Incan God’s. As a “Romantic,” that is, one who really gets into natures beauty and grandeur, this one is going to be hard to resist. Also interested tha the San Fran marathon made it… I know why.

  2. Tad says:

    I think it’s #1. That would be on my top ten lists of places in the world I’d like to see – and what better way to see it than during a tortuous and terrifying marathon!

  3. Machu Picchu is #1. After reading the article, I think it has gone from dream to fantasy. I’m not sure I’m going to be up for a 10-11 hour marathon with a 14,000 foot elevation gain in it any time soon. Only 40 – 50 people get to run it / year. Still… it’s on my bucket list as a destination vacation. And I just might get a run in while I’m there.

    San Fran was #15, and I recognize the views from the run I did there! The shot of the bridge is the view I had when I turned around thinking I wasn’t going to make it. Then the street view of the hill… I swear that is the hill I walked one way and ran the other. Of course, they all start to look the same after 16 miles. I wish they had elevation profiles of the marathons and maybe google maps. I’ll be making my way through this over the next few days.

  4. I got through all of these marathons. And after waxing on the views, I waned on the descriptions of the courses and the elvation changes. Still Lake tahoe and Mt. Lemon looked gorgeous. Melanie is wondering if HOA and KC are in the next 15.

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