Taking a run at 1K?

A run on Sunday – two actually – 5 miles with a friend and another mile with Ellie – went pretty well. The nagging stuff from my back to back Sept-Oct marathons has gone away. Cardio didn’t seem to suffer too much for substituting the elliptical, although I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like. It will be hard to not jump right into the training schedule for the Garmin/Oz in April. I’m thinking 2 runs per week mixed with some ellipitcal for now. It is going to be very tempting to shoot for the 1000 mile mark this year. Fortunately, I’ve got less than 50 to go, and about 3 weeks to do it. It would be my first – got close in 2010 and 2011, but didn’t get there. Need to keep the perspective that it’s just a number. So are 13.1 and 26.2 though. I have had two month long breaks this year – all of March, and 30 days beginning Nov.10. Both have seemed to help me get back to a baseline. 2013 goals in a future post…

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