To GF or not to GF

I have been gradually purging gluten from my diet. At first, this wasn’t really a concerted effort – it was collateral to me swapping a salad + protein source for a protein source between two slices of bread at lunch. Given the wide variety of non-wheat breakfast options, it wasn’t that hard to make it to dinner before encountering some gluten. It’s not a 4 letter word, but I have some intolerance in the family tree, and some would say I occasionally have some symptoms (no further comment is necessary…). I don’t think I can completely say goodbye to bread. It’s the staff of life, man. However, I’ve been trying to stay away from it when it’s not strictly necessary (i.e. the communal meal is lasagna) or particularly tempting (like if it’s fresh-baked).

Now if I can just bring myself to try the GF crust at Spin!  Here’s an article with some good information on the subject, including alternatives:

3 comments on “To GF or not to GF

  1. Tad says:

    Tried the GF crust at Spin! Friday night. Not bad! Hard to say I prefer it to the chewy gluteny goodness of the real thing, but it had a nice flavor, and it managed to have a consistency in between hard tack and goo.

  2. Is it just by chance that gluten is so close to glutton?

    I’m tinkinering with my pre-long run foods: eliminating my habitual glass of wine (the other 6 days are so much sweeter), eating a smaller salad, and staying away from fat (not so hard) and fiber (one of my favorite food groups). This seems to help. I’m nowhere near contemplating any serious cut back of gluten.

    I do have a 10K time trial this Friday, and so I’m doing a bit of carb loading / low-residue eating over the next couple of days. I’m never sure… it seems sometimes it’s my Achilles and sometimes it’s my GI tract that keeps me from really pushing it on intervals.

  3. The diet modifications and slight carbo-loading seemed to work for the 10K, which I did at the target time of 41:30. (I am thinking of it now as the Achilles TenK on the Mayan Apocolypse/Fiscal Cliff/Winter Solstice.) My pre-hard run rules of thumb are to avoid fat, fiber, spice, and alcohol. And the latter three are some of my favorite things. Of course, avoiding them all seemed to work great on this time trial. No GI distress. Some key deviations from the ritual were a glass of orange juice instead of an orange, no fiber one in my cereal, “white” bagel with jelly instead of whole wheat with prunes, and I snacked on Skittles and red hots instead of trail mix. I was on a sugar high most of the day, but it seemed to work out just fine from a GI perspective.

    Slight Christmas indulgences are ahead as I contemplate training through the Spring and leading up to the KC Marathon on Oct 19.

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