What’s your favorite way to cross-train?

This is an easy one for me this week. Skiing! Unfortunately I don’t get to indulge this one as often as I like. Since we don’t live in Colorado, and I don’t have a private jet, the last time we went was 2 years ago. I have come to the realization that I don’t go often enough that I will ever be an expert skier, but I enjoy running blues and greens. No blacks. I don’t need to find an orthopedic surgeon.

One comment on “What’s your favorite way to cross-train?

  1. neltow says:

    It’s not my favorite way to cross-train, but when it snows upwards of 10 inches shoveling will have to do. On Thursday I was working from home, and went out and did 2 x 30 minutes of removing 5″ of snow from my driveway with a 3 hour rest interval. This should have been a progression workout on the comfort of a rowing machine. I didn’t sweat as much shoveling, but I worked some different muscles. Scoop, lift, throw to the right x 12. Scoop, lift, throw to the left x 12. Repeat until you reach the street.

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