Taking your own advice is hard.

I finally took my own advice and got the layering thing right on my Sunday am run. Temps in the mid 20s before dawn, 10+ mph wind (just barely +). It’s the kind of morning where you want to bust out the door with a parka on. After a few recent runs begun all cozy in a compression l/s tee and a l/s fleece which deteriorated into a sweat-fest about 15 minutes in, I finally bit the bullet and remembered to start cold, finish warm. Replacing the l/s fleece with a fleece vest did the trick. It was hard. If I had been solo I might have turned back for a windbreaker, but it was a run-buddy run and I didn’t want to be late!

One comment on “Taking your own advice is hard.

  1. neltow says:

    I am laughing out loud, because I was on that run! The wind was OK (mostly), and I even pushed off my baclava… until I was running along and the “wind came sweeping o’er the plain.” That was when the wind chill hit! I was cold for about 2 minutes right then, until I got out of the valley and in the lee of a hill. My shell over l/s compression served me well that morning!

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