2013 Goals

(1) April 20th – Olathe/Oz/Garmin (whatever they’re calling it now) Marathon.  I want to run this flat marathon for a PR – say 3:10 or so. Might have to revise this one – holding on for now. I haven’t been running as often as I’d like with the weather and a wee bit of nagging pain in my right foot (improving signficantly). However, I have been keeping the aerobic fitness up with the elliptical, so I may try to drop back into the training plan in February and see how multi-day running weeks work. I haven’t signed up yet, so committment level is sketchy.

(2) June 1st – Hospital Hill Half Marathon. I want to run this under the benchmark 1:30, which would be a PR. I’ve never put in a full training schedule specifically geared towards a time goal on a half. This is my third half. Signed up and committed.

(3) October 19th – Kansas City Marathon. Goal: pace Nelson to BQ. A PR would be a bonus – but anything under 3:15 will work! Signed up and committed.

(4) September – HOA Marathon. Loved this killer course. I’d like some revenge after last year’s heat. I didn’t really like getting passed by someone in my age group in the final 2 miles either. It’s a maybe – doubles (2 in 2 months) aren’t the easiest thing.

(5) Run some race truly barefoot. I’d like to get my callouses back up to performance level starting in the spring. The feet will have to be toughened up from their winter baby-soft state to do any distance greater than 5 miles on pavement. Maybe HHH?

One comment on “2013 Goals

  1. I’m going to post my goals too. As soon as I settle on them. But I am glad to see your enthusiasm for the Hospital Hill Half and the KC Marathon! I’m going to be doing a few time trials or races to gauge my ability for the BQ. With a 1:35 at Hospital Hill in 2011 and a time trial half on Mill Creek trail of 1:31:33 this past August, I too am hopeful there’s a BQ for me this year. Of course, if not this year, maybe the thrid time will be a charm.

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