Give thanks for those who support you.

The horrible, awful events of today have my emotions wildly vascillating between anger and sadness. Initial reports would seem to indicate that most of those killed and injured in this senseless attack were spectators and race support. Many of us know someone who ran Boston today, and some of those runners brought families and friends along to celebrate their achievement.

As you join me in praying for those whose lives have been forever altered today, remember to also give thanks for those who support you as you train and race. Thank them personally too. Our families and race volunteers sacrifice their personal time and their time with us to help us achieve our goals. How many of us have been urged on by spectators who don’t even know us? Thank you all.

One comment on “Give thanks for those who support you.

  1. neltow says:

    Well said, Tad! Best of luck to you today!

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