Garmin Marathon: Heavy heart, light feet

Friends, I’m a runner. You knew that. You may not know that I’ll be running the Garmin Marathon this Saturday with a heavy heart and (hopefully) light feet. The route starts and finishes at Garmin’s Olathe headquarters, and comes right through the heart of where I live. If you live here too, we’d love it if you cheered on the 3,000 of us who’ll be running on Saturday. You may also wish to join me in contributing to The One Fund Boston, intended to raise money to help those families most affected by the bombing at the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon.

2 comments on “Garmin Marathon: Heavy heart, light feet

  1. Sarah says:

    I ran the half last weekend at Oz and was blown away by the Boston support. We runners are quite the family. Hope you had a good race.

  2. Tad says:

    Me too! I had my wife write “4:09:44” on my shoulder with a Sharpie. I got several positive comments about it throughout the race, including a “Thank for your tribute” at the finish line from one of the race workers. My race went as well as I could have hoped – a PR of 3:11:03. I BQ’d for Boston 2014 last fall at the KC Marathon but wasn’t sure if that time was enough faster than the 3:15 cutoff to get me there. Hopefully I will be there next April. I hope you had a good race too!

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