“Web” Cam

I was away on a float trip and then Webelos camp last week, so the blog has been pretty quiet.

Webelos camp made my 18 mile Saturday morning long run impossible – I just couldn’t (a) leave the campsite for that long; or (b) get up early enough to be back at Reveille, 7am. So, I crammed it into Sunday morning with a 5 am wakeup call. Obviously it was dark.

I managed to avoid the cobwebs on the trail on the way out with a combined strategy of avoiding overhanging branches, slowing down for notorious web-infested stretches, and holding my hand in front of my face. However, on the way back, I had a lapse in concentration and ran full-face center into a web, complete with big spider and last night’s catch. This gave me an idea:

It would be fun to set up a “web cam” (pun intended) to capture runners doing their spider web freak-outs. I know mine would have been hilarious. And I don’t even have arachnophobia!

Alternative solution: run with a headlamp. I recently purchased a set of them, but as I have blogged previously, I hate having any extra stuff attached to me. I suppose I will have to give it a try as the days get shorter, or give up the trail in the dark.

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